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"When my son started with Mindy, he hated the very idea of working with an ADHD coach. It didn’t matter how I presented the concept. Now, having worked with Mindy for 13 months, he never hesitates to text her in times of need. This is a monumental step for a kid who has always refrained from asking for help. When I look back and reflect on my son’s progress and transformation that took place during his time with Mindy, I am truly amazed! While some of his successes might go unnoticed or seem insignificant for a child without executive function challenges, for my son, they are significant. Mindy “gets” my son. She has helped my son understand his thought patterns and behaviors and how they interfere with his being his best self. Together, they have worked to change his negative thought processes and use strategies to modify his behavior in a positive direction. Because of Mindy, my son has a much better understanding of his unique ADHD brain wiring and how it can be leveraged to his advantage. Mindy has also been invaluable to me in term of my parenting. For example, in situations where my son needs me to push him, to hold him accountable, or to let him figure out something on his own, Mindy will remind me. I am sincerely grateful for Mindy’s ADHD coaching work with my son and to have her be part of his team!"


- M.G., Parent


"We were referred to Mindy by our daughter’s psychologist. She was going to be entering high school, and we knew she struggled with her ADHD and executive functioning skills throughout her elementary and middle school years. After our first visit, my daughter and myself felt an instant connection with Mindy. She really understood my daughter. Six months later, my daughter has shown improvement not only academically, but socially as well. Mindy helps her break things down so that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed.  Her ability to connect with my daughter proves that with the right person, great progress can be made.  We could not have asked for a better ADHD coach than Mindy."


- L.G., Parent

"Learning how to navigate the high school years requires a maturity that many young people struggle to achieve. With her skill as a coach Mindy Schwartz can ask the important questions and hear beyond the spoken words to create a safe place for discussion.  Mindy Schwartz has been a tremendous help to my family."

- J.O., Grandparent

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