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About Mindy


I am an ICF certified ADHD and Executive Function Coach, working primarily with teens, young adults and their parents. I studied at ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), where I completed my advanced training with a specialty in ADHD family coaching.


In my practice, I educate clients and their parents about their specific types of ADHD.  Working together, we collaborate to create individualized strategies, which help them face their ADHD symptoms and challenges head on.  Humor is a big part of my practice! Comic relief helps me to lessen the intensity and weight that so often accompanies life with ADHD. Yes, ADHD is a deficit, but I believe there are powerful strengths common to many people with an ADHD diagnosis. I help clients identify their unique strengths and utilize them to achieve their goals.

Prior to coaching, I worked for over 20 years in the not-for-profit sector, supporting under-served, inner-city children. After both my children received ADHD diagnoses, I struggled to find the right resources to help them at home and in school, but always came up short.  As eager as people were to help - therapists, teachers, school psychologists, and friends - they were not able to provide the adequate tools applicable to ADHD.  There was a desperate need in the community, and I decided to fill it. During my training, I discovered that I was much more impaired by my own ADHD than I had ever realized.  Not only did I have to learn how to parent my ADHD children, but also how to be a parent with ADHD, which has its own demands. My personal experience enables me to be a more compassionate, empathetic coach, and each day, I enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve accumulated with other ADHD families.


I adore my interesting, energetic, creative clients and give my utmost to ensure that each one understands how unique he or she is.  After years of feeling slightly different than everyone else, I now feel strongly that I am a member of a special tribe, and strive to make all clients feel like they have found a safe, judgement-free place where they belong.

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